Let’s Go! Tour Saipan

A couple of days ago, my friend Ciaralyn spontaneously invited Eliezha and I to go with her to Let's Go! Tour Company, a tourism company in my island that hosts four-seated ATV rides, on Friday. Thus, it was the highlight of my Friday! It was a bumpy, dusty, and somewhat muddy ride, which ended with another spontaneous … Continue reading Let’s Go! Tour Saipan


Saipan Sea Touch

The other day, I asked my friends (from YK) if they were available this Saturday to hang out. Joshua and Maria were free, but Ciaralyn (of course) was not. She had work. And so I thought, hey, why not bring ourselves to her work place? After all -- she had one heck of a cool … Continue reading Saipan Sea Touch

Old Man By the Sea (Saipan)

After a long awaited meeting, I was greeted by a grinning Nikki, a smiling Fariha, and a weird Nathaniel  (LOL JK) at Java Joes, each of which comprises the Calc-Heads. We were just missing Rhea and Tommy. Our meeting/reunion was set for a hike in Saipan, one that I have been looking forward to for ages: Old Man by the Sea. The drive to the … Continue reading Old Man By the Sea (Saipan)

A Surprise Visit to Home

It's June 16, 6:42pm, and my nerves are ringing. Did that make sense? Probably not. I'm not exactly too sure how to define my current feelings right now, other than the fact that I think there's a giant lump in my throat that I can't seem to swallow. So I'm probably nervous. Or ecstatic? Maybe … Continue reading A Surprise Visit to Home