Celebrating the New Year in Idaho

To celebrate the New Year (2018), Aj and I spontaneously decided to go to Idaho and celebrate it with my best friend Jhean, Nikki, and Alex! Because of the trip’s spontaneity, Aj decided to buy tire chains for his car (to keep us from slipping in case the roads get icy). I was super excited because I was finally going to be able to visit my best friend!!

Since it was winter break, the drive to Idaho was pretty chilly — so you can definitely expect the heater in the car to be at full blast (LOL). The drive took about 5-6 hours (we were headed to Moscow, Idaho), and we ended up arriving around 7pm in Idaho. The views at the beginning of the drive were absolutely gorgeous! The mixture of different shades of greenery beautifully contrasted the white snow. It was a very peaceful and scenic drive.



There came a point during the drive where I offered my partner to switch. He looked really tired from driving, and so I braced myself with the idea that I might actually have to drive (lol side note: I’m not the best driver). That said, I actually ended up driving — and the whole duration of the time that I drove, I felt like the sky above me was falling. It was really dark outside, and there were no headlights to brighten my pathway. I felt like I was slowly falling asleep behind the wheel, so I leaned forward towards the wheel and played so much upbeat music to keep myself awake — even though my partner was deep asleep right next to me. I felt bad cause I think I kept waking him up from my constant jerking of the car whenever I felt like the car was steering off the road LOL. But the truth of the matter was, I only ended up driving for an hour out of the whole trip to Idaho (hahaha)! So shoutout to my partner for being so amazing and patient with my driving skills!

Fast forward — we were in Idaho!!! The reunion involved a lot of hugs and screaming! I was greeted by a smiling-Nikki!! Once inside their apartment, Nikki and I hid and tried to surprise Jhean while she was in the shower LOL! It was all so wonderful!


We were all amidst preparing food for New Year’s Eve! Food preparations included lumpia, chicken adobo, chicken bbq, beef short-ribs bbq and pancit! Yum!


Then we spent majority of the night just hanging out and spending time together, which involved playing Jenga, a lot of dancing, and a family photo shoot lol!!


Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 1.22.39 PM





We greeted the New Year with shots! Then we toured the surrounding area of Moscow, which was glittered with Christmas lights, snowflakes, and party people.


On the morning of the first day of the New Year, we explored the University of Idaho Arboretum and Botanical Garden, then went bowling!




It was such a wonderful time! I’m so glad I got to spend this New Year closer to home — with them!




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