Sophomore Year Recap (Fall 2017)

It feels as though it has been forever since I last posted! There are so many things to talk about that I’m not even sure where to begin. This past fall 2017 semester has just been jam-packed with so many things, it’s crazy! Moreover, this past fall semester has been filled with so many challenges, be it from school, family, and friends. But despite said challenges, the highs and lows I’ve experienced has allowed me to reflect on my life in a different lens that has, I believe, allowed for more growth in my part.

Flashback to June 22, 2017, I received an email regarding my university’s nursing school’s decision on my admission to the nursing program – AND I MADE IT IN MY UNIVERSITY’S NURSING PROGRAM!!! I got accepted to the Spring Cohort, which means that I’ll have an extra semester in college (instead of the “regular” four years) because I begin my actual nursing classes the spring of my sophomore year.

What all of this nursing-jazz meant was that my schedule for Fall 2017 was going to be packed. I was both excited and nervous about this! For Fall 2017, I had to take the remaining nursing co-requisites I needed to be able to take my first actual nursing class for Spring 2018. Hence, my Fall 2017 course-load involved a total max of 17 credits: 4 credits for Microbiology, 4 for Developmental Psychology, 4 for Introductory Statistics, 4 for my International Honors Course, and 1 for my Physical Education credit. I was also given the opportunity to work two jobs at the same time (one as a barista in my school’s cafe and the other as a front desk worker in the dorm that I lived in).

Getting through the semester was no easy feat, but I found it amazing how I was still able to find at least some time for myself, for my friends, and for my loved ones, which made all the challenges in Fall 2017 worthwhile. And by challenges, I mean the difficulty that came along with my courses. Nonetheless, I felt blessed by how much I felt that God was with me and was always there for me even though I was so far away from home. He made it possible for me to get through the challenges I was facing.

Throughout the semester, majority of my focus was tailored to my Microbiology class because of how much workload was given in the class and how challenging the course was. And so just as much as you’d probably have figured out by now, a lot of studying was done to prep for my exams in this course.  In other words, my friends and I “camped-out” a lot at night in the library to study for Micro (LOL). Despite how frustrating it was to try and process all the information we were given to prep for our exams, I’m glad I was able to study with the girls because of how it allowed each of us to get through the semester together. Moreover, I eventually found myself really enjoying Microbiology. Prior to taking the course (and even with my previous prerequisite of Human Anatomy I and II), I never really thought of myself as a science person, hence my fear of not doing well in Microbiology. But I ended up attaining an A (yay) in the class, and I think that’s because I eventually found aspects of the course that I really enjoyed, aka doing my unknown lab project (where I had to conduct a variety of biochemical tests to determine what kind of gram+/- microbes I’ve been assigned with).




All throughout the semester, I was also able to meet many amazing people on campus, mainly through my classes, the new community I live in (my dorm this year) and my recent involvement with my campus’ Diversity Center. Also, my roommate this year has been nothing but super chill and amazing (LOL S/O TO ANGELA).










I was also able to meet with old friends aka my best friend came down all the way from Idaho!!!


On a side note, a lot of personal conflict also came about — but all throughout the ordeal, I learned to always be honest and to stay to true myself, even if it’s not what others want to hear because it’s ultimately what really matters.

I also got to meet and spend time with some friends/family over Winter Break!!!







But now that Winter Break is almost over — I am looking forward to what the New Year holds, be it new challenges, new hopes, and new dreams! I’m constantly grateful, thankful, and blessed for the opportunity I was given to be able to pursue my dream of being a nurse. Moreover, I am looking forward to starting my actual first semester of nursing school this Spring 2018!

With love, Annika 

(P.S. A special shoutout to my person for continually supporting and constantly being there for me. #youdarealMVP LOL♡ So blessed to have you in my life!)



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