Saipan Sea Touch

The other day, I asked my friends (from YK) if they were available this Saturday to hang out. Joshua and Maria were free, but Ciaralyn (of course) was not. She had work. And so I thought, hey, why not bring ourselves to her work place? After all — she had one heck of a cool job! So I spontaneously asked her if we could go to her workplace, Seatouch, instead. To my surprise, she agreed. In fact, she made it possible for us to go to Seatouch for free. And I was so psyched because it involved an animal that closely resembled my high school’s mascot (which was a manta ray). Hint: The animal we were going to see ends with a ray.

Did you guess it right? We were seeing sting rays!

From left to right: Ciaralyn, Maria, Me, Joshua

The experience was amazing! I wasn’t sure if I was scared or excited to be able to swim with such majestic creatures. In fact, the sting rays were very friendly. I initially thought that they’d feel rubbery. And I think they are, but they were a slippery-rubbery-jelly-like kind of feel. But again, I can’t begin to describe how amazing it was to be in such close proximity with the creatures.








Feeding them was super fun too! I personally thought they looked adorable laying on their backs! It was definitely a memory of a lifetime! 


PC: Ciaralyn Apostol

To learn more about Seatouch, visit their page:



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