101 Resolutions: A Year of Self-Love

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Over time, this question has become a yearly tradition that has given way for self reflection and growth, be it accomplishing a personal goal, improving one’s own character, or bettering an aspect in one’s life.

Personally, the idea of having a New Years resolution is a bit complex for me because I think one should not only reflect on themselves and come up with resolutions prior to a new year starting. I think that one should constantly take into account their resolutions each day.  Why? Because I think that each day is like a new year — it’s a new day for more growth, for more opportunities, and for more reflection.

101 Resolutions: A Year of Self-Love // With Love, Annika

Moreover, I feel like resolutions are a form of self-love because of how one is able to reflect on what is best for them. To expand more on this, in the words of Dr. Deborah Khoshaba, self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. It is dynamic and allows us to much better accept our weaknesses as well as our strengths, have less need to explain away our short-comings, have compassion for ourselves as human beings struggling to find personal meaning, are more centered in our life purpose and values, and expect living fulfillment through our own efforts.

101 Resolutions: A Year of Self-Love // With Love, Annika

Hence, I have decided to compile a list of 101 “resolutions” of self-love that one can take into account throughout the year (in no particular order)♡

  1. Be kind to yourself — especially with your own thoughts.
  2. Make the choice to choose faith over fear. 
  3. Take time to be with people you love. Enjoy their company.
  4. Know and set your intentions.
  5. When times get rough, think positive (like a proton).
  6. Pray more.
  7. Say ‘yes’ to adventures, to life, to new experiences.
  8. Learn to say ‘no’ without apologizing for your choices.
  9. Listen to what and how you feel at the moment.
  10. Make a list of things that make you happy or things that you love.
  11. It’s okay to ask for help.
  12. Drink a hot cup of tea.
  13. Make more ‘me’ time.
  14. Cook your favorite food.
  15. Don’t push yourself too hard.
  16. Know that so many people love and care about you.
  17. Do your very best to not judge other people. Just do you.
  18. Focus on your strengths.
  19. Let go of the past.
  20. Find joy in the little things.
  21. Take a walk.
  22. Open up to people every now and then.
  23. Eat foods that nourish your body (fruits, vegetables, etc).
  24. Splurge a little.
  25. Be kind to others.
  26. Stick to a budget.
  27. Prioritize your health.
  28. Declutter. Physically and mentally.
  29. Make a little extra effort from time to time.
  30. Count your blessings.
  31. Stop overthinking.
  32. Be grateful daily.
  33. Know that you deserve so, so, so much love.
  34. You do not have to conform to the ways of the world. There’s no need to try and “fit in.”
  35. Recognize that you are a miracle.
  36. Call a friend.
  37. Talk to strangers.
  38. Wear whatever feels comfortable to you.
  39. Appreciate those that are around you.
  40. Take time to nurture the friendships that you have.
  41. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams — go for it.
  42. Let loose from time to time.
  43. Do what you know is best for you.
  44. Read inspiring words of affirmation.
  45. Practice being in the moment.
  46. Choose to love yourself.
  47. Choose to love your thoughts.
  48. Choose to love your body.
  49. Failure in something doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Remember, failure is an opportunity for more growth. Fail forward.
  50. Use more lotion.
  51. Give more to those in need.
  52. Get a full night’s sleep.
  53. Drink water daily (at least six glasses).
  54. Get to know your family members more.
  55. Read a book.
  56. When faced with anxiety, take deep breaths and know that whatever you’re facing, you can do it.
  57. Own your choices, even if it means disappointing others. You know what’s best for you.
  58. Create goals you’d love to conquer!
  59. There’s more to life than social media. Don’t be pulled by the illusion that’s displayed on your screen.
  60. Support those around you.
  61. Watch a funny video.
  62. Stretch.
  63. Choose to be happy.
  64. Let go of grudges.
  65. Know that you are MORE than enough.
  66. You are NOT your mistakes.
  67. Know that you matter.
  68. Pamper yourself (i.e. get your nails done, hair done, have a massage, etc.)
  69. Sing your heart out in the car.
  70. Or in public.
  71. Or with your friends.
  72. Go out to a fancy restaurant.
  73. Dance your heart out wherever, whenever!
  74. Binge-watch your favorite shows.
  75. Cry your heart out if you want to.
  76. Buy your favorite ice cream. Eat it!!!
  77. Make an upbeat music playlist to dance to!
  78. Take a looong hot shower. Or have a bubbly bubble bath!
  79. Dress up just because.
  80. Don’t hit the snooze button.
  81. OR go ahead and hit the snooze button.
  82. Quit putting yourself down.
  83. Remind yourself that you are beautiful and amazing — both inside and out.
  84. Listen to yourself and to your body.
  85. Know that you are here for a reason.
  86. Follow through with the promises that you make with yourself.
  87. Invest more in skincare.
  88. Let go of toxicity (in all aspects of your life, because you know you do not need any of it).
  89. Be more patient with yourself.
  90. And with those around you.
  91. Try a new skill.
  92. Exercise more often (or at least try, hehehe).
  93. Find a cause.
  94. Eat the pizza.
  95. Trust yourself more.
  96. Do not compare yourself to others, because you are your own unique. 
  97. Be true to yourself.
  98. When things go south, remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”
  99. Do not force yourself to doing things you know you do not want to do.
  100. Stop trying to please everyone.
  101. Love yourself more.

I hope that you found some inspiration in reading this list of 101 resolutions! I pray for nothing but love, joy, peace, humility, kindness, hope, and so, so, so much more for you, and I hope for nothing but an amazing New Year for you! And know that I am very grateful for you♡

With love, Annika 

101 Resolutions: A Year of Self-Love // With Love, Annika


College Recap: Sophomore Year – Fall 2017

It feels as though it has been forever since I last posted! There are so many things to talk about that I’m not even sure where to begin. This past fall 2017 semester has just been jam-packed with so many things, it’s crazy! Moreover, this past fall semester has been filled with so many challenges, be it from school, family, and friends. But despite said challenges, the highs and lows I’ve experienced has allowed me to reflect on my life in a different lens that has, I believe, allowed for more growth in my part.

Flashback to June 22, 2017, I received an email regarding my university’s nursing school’s decision on my admission to the nursing program – AND I MADE IT IN MY UNIVERSITY’S NURSING PROGRAM!!! I got accepted to the Spring Cohort, which means that I’ll have an extra semester in college (instead of the “regular” four years) because I begin my actual nursing classes the spring of my sophomore year.

What all of this nursing-jazz meant was that my schedule for Fall 2017 was going to be packed. I was both excited and nervous about this! For Fall 2017, I had to take the remaining nursing co-requisites I needed to be able to take my first actual nursing class for Spring 2018. Hence, my Fall 2017 course-load involved a total max of 17 credits: 4 credits for Microbiology, 4 for Developmental Psychology, 4 for Introductory Statistics, 4 for my International Honors Course, and 1 for my Physical Education credit. I was also given the opportunity to work two jobs at the same time (one as a barista in my school’s cafe and the other as a front desk worker in the dorm that I lived in).

Getting through the semester was no easy feat, but I found it amazing how I was still able to find at least some time for myself, for my friends, and for my loved ones, which made all the challenges in Fall 2017 worthwhile. And by challenges, I mean the difficulty that came along with my courses. Nonetheless, I felt blessed by how much I felt that God was with me and was always there for me even though I was so far away from home. He made it possible for me to get through the challenges I was facing.

Throughout the semester, majority of my focus was tailored to my Microbiology class because of how much workload was given in the class and how challenging the course was. And so just as much as you’d probably have figured out by now, a lot of studying was done to prep for my exams in this course.  In other words, my friends and I “camped-out” a lot at night in the library to study for Micro (LOL). Despite how frustrating it was to try and process all the information we were given to prep for our exams, I’m glad I was able to study with the girls because of how it allowed each of us to get through the semester together. Moreover, I eventually found myself really enjoying Microbiology. Prior to taking the course (and even with my previous prerequisite of Human Anatomy I and II), I never really thought of myself as a science person, hence my fear of not doing well in Microbiology. But I ended up attaining an A (yay) in the class, and I think that’s because I eventually found aspects of the course that I really enjoyed, aka doing my unknown lab project (where I had to conduct a variety of biochemical tests to determine what kind of gram+/- microbes I’ve been assigned with).



All throughout the semester, I was also able to meet many amazing people on campus, mainly through my classes, the new community I live in (my dorm this year) and my recent involvement with my campus’ Diversity Center. Also, my roommate this year has been nothing but super chill and amazing (LOL S/O TO ANGELA).










I was also able to meet with old friends aka my best friend came down all the way from Idaho!!!


On a side note, a lot of personal conflict also came about — but all throughout the ordeal, I learned to always be honest and to stay to true myself, even if it’s not what others want to hear because it’s ultimately what really matters.

I also got to meet and spend time with some friends over Winter Break!!!




But now that Winter Break is almost over — I am looking forward to what the New Year holds, be it new challenges, new hopes, and new dreams! I’m constantly grateful, thankful, and blessed for the opportunity I was given to be able to pursue my dream of being a nurse. Moreover, I am looking forward to starting my actual first semester of nursing school this Spring 2018!

With love, Annika 

(P.S. A special shoutout to my person for continually supporting and constantly being there for me. #youdarealMVP LOL♡ So blessed to have you in my life!)

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College %2F%2F With Love Annika.jpg

Fall 2017: Maroon

Maroon. A subtle yet striking color that seems to blend well with all seasons, especially fall season. At this point in my life, I think it’s safe to say that I am in love with maroon, although my closet is currently being occupied by only one maroon-colored clothing: a sweater.

I received this maroon sweater last year in 2016 during our National Honor Society Christmas Party from my friend Marchie. The moment I received it, I knew I was going to use it as my first day of fall outfit for my first year in college (back in September 2016).  I literally loved it that much, and that love has never faded, even up ’til now!


Paired with my maroon sweater is a black choker that I got from Forever 21, a black cross body bag I found at Target, black leggings (also from Forever 21), and a pair of cheap, brown Anne Klein boots that I scored while shopping at Ross!




What about you? What color speaks to you in this beautiful season?



Seattle Meowtropolitan

Cats, coffee, and more cats! If you love any of the aforementioned things, then the Seattle Meowtroplitan Cafe is a must see destination! The moment I found out that such a place existed — I knew I had to be there. And let me tell you, it was worth every moment!


Upon arriving at the cafe destination, we already had a preview of the cat lounge from the outside of the cafe. And when we did enter the cafe, we were greeted with a pun-menu! We first inquired about seeing the cats, but unfortunately we weren’t able to see them the moment we walked in because cat visits require a reservation. So we booked a reservation an hour from when we visited.



SO, for a hassle free experience, go ahead and make a reservation in their online website! There’s a $10 fee per person to see the cats, but the fee comes with any choice of your coffee. WHICH IS TOTALLY WORTH IT, because I ordered a White Chocolate Meowcha, and it was absolutely creamy and delicious.


I was super psyched when it was finally time to meet the cats. You can only imagine how many purr-fect kitties I met lounging around!




















And of course, my dear Aj was there to share such a fun moment with me with cats and coffee!




If you are visiting the Seattle area, I definitely hope you can drop by and meet the adorable felines! It was a very relaxing and fun experience, and I hope to be able to share it with you. It was also definitely a great way to know more about how one can help animal rescue shelters. Have you been to a “catfe” like this? I’d love to hear what you think!
Until then,

Food Diary | Seattle Meowtropolitan By: With Love, Annika


Stripes on Stripes

I have never been a fan of stripes. I try to avoid such a pattern as much as possible  mainly because of how I initially thought that the alternating [colored] horizontal lines presents an unflattering look, which is definitely not the case. I only came across this perception due to an article that I read stating that stripes might emphasize wide hips or make a woman seem more squat or fatter. And now, I’m more than glad to say that it’s definitely a total bust — a myth. Anyone can totally rock stripes! It’s all about how you wear it, and how you feel in it: with confidence.

I was able to overcome this distaste for stripes the moment my significant other bought me a beautiful striped romper (which I wore to our first anniversary date) from his vacation in Philippines.

Stripes on Stripes Summer Outfit

My outfit, a shoulderless striped romper from GTW Fab, was paired with my Forever 21 Classic Round Shades, a leather handbag I purchased from Walmart, and my black pointed-tip Aldo flats.

Stripes on Stripes Summer Outfit

Stripes on Stripes Summer Outfit

There’s definitely a lot of summery/touristy vibe with this outfit, so it was definitely fun to wear it. Who knew stripes could make such a fun statement? I would love to know what you guys think, so definitely let me know how you rock stripes!

Tony Roma’s Lunch Date

To celebrate (and make up for) our first official anniversary, my dear Alexis took me out on a special lunch date at Tony Roma’s. We treated ourselves to great lunch courses featuring Baby Back Ribs and a Certified Angus Beef Steak.




And indeed it was special, because he surprised me with a promise ring. 😭 I cannot begin to put into words how thankful and blessed I am to be able to be a part of this amazing man’s life, and to have him be a part of mine. I only hope for a future filled with God’s grace, love, and blessings for the both of us — and for forevermore. But for now, I look forward to growing more with this wonderful man who continually inspires me to pursue my dreams.

“I promise to be with you for the rest of my life.”


Let’s Go! Tour Saipan

A couple of days ago, my friend Ciaralyn spontaneously invited Eliezha and I to go with her to Let’s Go! Tour Company, a tourism company in my island that hosts four-seated ATV rides, on Friday. Thus, it was the highlight of my Friday! It was a bumpy, dusty, and somewhat muddy ride, which ended with another spontaneous adventure: jumping off Bantalon, aka Sugar Dock, for some seawater therapy (just to wash off all the ick from the ATV ride, LOL).








And that’s about it, thanks loves!